Xray Course

The course contains all the main topics that you need to know in order to get started as a user of Xray Test Management app in Jira

The course includes 2 sessions of 4 hours, total of 8 hours.


  1. General overview: Issue types , issue links , additional slide button on Project view ,
  2. Xray App configuration:
    • Project setup
    • Custom fields setup
    • Coverage and Defects
    • Status setup
    • Migration: from CSV or QC
  3. Writing Test:
    • Test Type - Manual Test, Automated Test (BDD, Gherkin), Generic Test
    • Import & Export
    • Test scenario step
    • Link Test to “Story/Epic/Other”
  4. Organizing Tests
    • Issue type Test Set
    • Test Repository library
  5. Planning Tests
    • Issue type Test Plan
    • Test Plan Board
  6. Executing Tests
    • Issue type Test Execution
    • Issue Type Sub Test Execution
    • Test/Sub-test Execution
  7. Reports & Analysis
    • Test coverage
    • Coverage analysis
    • Requirement coverage
    • Test Execution report
    • Overall test execution report
    • Test plan report
  8. Automation and Integration
    • Working with Automated Tests
    • Testing in BDD with Gherkin based frameworks (e.g. Cucumber)
    • Using Generic Tests for Automation
    • Integrating with Testing Frameworks, configuring high throughput automation results
    • Integration with Structure App
    • Integration with eazyBI App (intro)
    • Scripting with Xray REST API (intro)
    • Using the Exporter app


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