Requirements Management – Next Generation

Methoda implements simple to highly-complex Requirements Management solutions based on the Atlassian platform – Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket

Integrate Requirements, Development and Testing, all in one unified Platform

Using Atlassian tools for requirements management allows you to have a single unified platform supporting your entire ALM process. The ability to connect requirements at different levels (MRD, PRD, SYSTEM, HW/SW….) to your implementation/development tasks, tests and test executions, releases and delivery cycle – provides a new way to implement agility while maintaining traceability, tracking, and compliance.

Managing Requirements Contents

Confluence powerful editor provides Architects and System Engineers the ability to create content that combines text, multimedia, diagrams, formulas, office docs and more - improving the ability to explain all aspects of requirements and design. Confluence is also a powerful collaborative editor, supports Page and file versioning and advanced search capabilities.

Content is one aspect of a requirement - When requirements are managed as issues in Jira, you can prove compliance. You're able to create a JIRA issue type specifically for requirements with its own workflow, metadata and powerful out-of-the-box reporting.

By using Confluence with our JCreate app, users can easily turn their content into issues in Jira. With JCreate, Confluence users can create a Jira issue attached to their content without ever switching apps. Jcreate displays Jira’s powerful screen and field configurations within the Confluence editing experience.

Communicate your Requirements to the Development Team 

Our C4J app allows Jira users to see Confluence content directly in their Jira issues. Once Jira issue is mentioned in Confluence page or the other way around, C4J will present the Confluence page automatically and will focus on the exact location of the Jira issue mention.

The C4J section allows:

  • Adding any type of content to Jira issue, such as: Roadmap, Diagrams, Formulas, Jira Filters, Videos and more
  • Review the requirements content, ask questions and add comments inline
  • Browse multiple confluence pages which includes the Jira issue / Requirement

Visualize, track and manage your Requirements

A critical view for Requirements Management is traceability matrix - a table that lists all the requirements. It helps categorize and prioritize the requirements in a systematic manner.

We create Structure (by ALM Works) view per project or product or release, to see a full tree describes all project requirements to an appropriate level of detail. from marketing requirement to test execution and defects.

Structure views allows users to edit the metadata in a classic table, while enabling filters, adding formulas, saving different custom views and more – bringing best of breed data view to your users.

Test Management

Test management enables your test and validation teams to create tests (manual or automated), organize tests by test tree, create test plans, and execute tests within Jira. All tests, test plans and test executions can be linked to specific requirements providing clear coverage and traceability. While we can integrate all known test management platforms, there are also test management solutions such as Xray or TM4J on Atlassian Marketplace.

Our TIP: Avoid managing your work across multiple systems, it is needlessly challenging and just wastes time.

Traceability and Tracking

Generate integrated full traceability view showing requirements coverage, implementation and development, tests and defects, constantly updated to reflect your true status. A change in content of any requirement triggers a change review process that includes a clear suspected change indicator to the entire value chain. This ability ensures that quality is maintained and changes are well managed.

Full Regulatory Compliance

Weather your company is a part of the smart car revolution, developing air-born platform, medical device or AI tools we ensure you have the right process and tools.

From high level requirements to low level specification - we ensure traceability. Create requirements in any level and define coverage with ease. Document tests test sets and ensure each requirement is well covered in manual or automatic tests. Trace every feature or task while maintaining its relations to all requires hierarchy of requirements.

Control changes, get automatic insights on any change impact and record its implementation. Ensure every, task test or such requirements is evaluated against a change all with an intuitive user experience.

Baselines are generated at any point in time and allow you to compare baselines to better track and control changes over time.

Support multiple products with common components by reusing, requirements, tests and tasks and defects across products and releases.

Manage regulatory requirements compliance using a set of templates and fields, process logic (Conditions, Validations), and filtered dashboards and views. Ensure that a V model is implemented by presenting test coverage on each requirements level.  


Our Services

  • Design a new Requirement Management platform aligned to your needs
  • Installation (Cloud/Server) and implementation of Atlassian Suite
  • Data migration from other tools (JAMA, DOORS, QC and more)
  • Training and implementation
  • Support for ISO 26262-1:2018DO-178B and FDA regulations
  • Ongoing support

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