JIRA Admin Workshop

An advanced course for JIRA Admins   jira admin 300 trans

Methoda is a Gold Solution Partner of Atlassian.

The course includes 5 sessions. Each session is 4 hours long (12:45 -16:45)

The course will be divided into two parts:

  • JIRA Admin Basic – three sessions
  • JIRA Admin Advanced – two sessions


 ** Participants can choose to participate in one or both of the parts (participation in only the second part requires a good understanding of the topics covered in the Basic Segment).

The course is designed around the capabilities of JIRA 7.

The topics covered in JIRA Admin Basic (three half days)

  • Workflow : Statuses, Transitions, Transition screens, Conditions, Validators, Post functions. 
  • Schemes: Issue types schemes, Workflow schemes, Issue Type Screen schemes, 
  • Project Admin vs. Site Admin 
  • Users, Groups, Nested Groups, Application Access, User Properties
  • Roles 
  • Permission Schemes 
  • Issue Security
  • Intro to Agile Boards
  • Notification schemes, Events
  • Field Configurations, Custom Field Context
  • Dashboards


During the course, some of the subjects will be exercised

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