eazyBI Online Course

eazyBI is a powerful plugin for JIRA. It facilitates creating easy-to-use custom Jira reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets

Methoda offers Webinar training on EazyBi (A recorded course)

The webinar consists of three sessions of five hours each include up to one hour of live Q&A right after the end of the recording  session.

Webinar dates:

February 15, 16 and 17th

09:00 - 14:00 CET

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54321 – note: prerequisite to EazyBI course is at least some experience in using JIRA as a user


* The online course will only take place with a minimum number of registered participants. We reserve the right to cancel the one line course in advance if the number of registered people is too low. In that case, a cancellation email and refund will be sent to all registered people.


Basic (8 academic hours)


The recorded course includes up to one hour of live Q&A right after the end of it

  • EazyBI Orientation
  • Home page
  • Source Data
  • Analyze (Cube): create Reports and Charts, Rows, Columns, Pages
  • Dashboards
  • Embed EazyBI Report or Dashboard in JIRA Dashboard / Confluence Page
  • EazyBI documentation, Community (forum), and support

Data model

  • Dimensions, Members, Measures and Properties
  • Dimension Hierarchies, Hierarchy levels
  • Time Dimension, Issue Dimension
  • User Group Dimensions
  • Measures Dimension: Predefined, Agile, Distinct, Issue Properties, Other Properties, User Defined
  • Drill Through/Into/Across

Designing Reports

  • Reports designer toolbar
  • Bookmarking members
  • Member menu in rows, Member/Measure Menu in Columns
  • Filter rows/members
  • Cell formatting
  • Report types: Table, Bar, Line, Pie, Scatter, Timeline, Gantt, Gauge
  • Range Bar Chart vs. Gantt Chart
  • Analyzing Date custom fields

Designing Dashboards

  • Designing a dashboard
  • Common dashboard filters
  • Subscribe to a dashboard (get it periodically by email as PDF attachment)

Analyzing History

  • Cumulative flow diagram
  • Cycle Time
  • Sprint burndown
  • Version burndown

Introduction to Calculated Members and Measures

  • Calculated members
  • Calculated Measures

Advanced (4 hours)

Calculated Measures

  • Context of a Measure, using Tuples
  • Analyze changes of a custom field
  • Useful functions and keywords when creating calculated measures
  • Using descendants() function for getting correct and fast results in drill down
  • Using the nonempty button

Advanced settings

JavaScript calculated dimensions/measures

Custom Javascript Code in Source Data settings

EazyBI Account Admin

  • Creating new accounts and configuring Source Data
  • Considerations for account cube size
  • Limiting import using JQL
  • User permissions
  • Export/Import reports/dashboards between accounts

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