eazyBI Workshop

eazyBI is a powerful plugin for JIRA. It facilitates creating easy-to-use custom Jira reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets



Methoda offers training on the subject consisting of two stages:

  • Basic course of 8 academic hours
  • Advanced course with 4 academic hours

Hours of the workshop: 3, 5, 12 June from 13:00 to 17:00

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Basic (8 academic hours)

  • EazyBI Orientation:
    • Home page in JIRA
    • Source Data
    • Analyze (Cube): create Reports and Charts
    • Drilldown capabilities
    • Dashboards
    • Show EazyBI Report or Dashboard in JIRA Dashboard and Confluence Page
    • EazyBI documentation and support
    • Exercise
  • Data model:
    • Dimensions, Dimension Hierarchy and levels, Measures
    • The difference between Dimensions, Measures and Properties
    • Dimension menus: select members, Calculated members, All hierarchy level members, Drill into or expand
    • Exercise
  • Designing Reports
    • Report toolbar
    • Chart types
    • Rows, Columns, Pages
    • Selecting the members in the rows/columns
    • Sorting, column order, remove a column
    • Filtering rows with regular expression
    • Time dimension - analyzing trends
    • Filtering time rows with regular expression
    • Cell formatting
    • Issue Dimension
    • Issue Properties measures
    • Built-in custom fields (e.g. Agile)
    • Exercise
  • Designing Dashboards:
    • Designing a dashboard
    • Common dashboard filters
    • Subcribe to a dashboard (get it periodically by email as PDF attachment)
    • Exercise
  • Calculated members and Calculated measures:
    • Overview and how to define them
    • Several simple examples
    • Exercise
  • Overview of:
    • Configuring Source Data
    • Accounts and user permissions
  • Final Exercise

Advanced (4 hours)

  • Analyzing hisory of status: transition, transition status, import value changes for a custom field
  • Exercise
  • Calculated members, Calculated measures, Tupples: understand several useful examples
  • Exercise
  • Advanced settings for custom fields: overview and show example
  • JavaScript calculated custom fields: overview and show example
  • Analyze several complex reports and understand their design
  • Final Exercise

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