eazyBI Course

The course contains all the main topics that you need to know in order to get started as a user of EazyBI app in Jira

The course includes 3 sessions of 4 hours, total of 12 hours.


EazyBI Orientation

  • Home page
  • Source Data
  • Analyze (Cube): create Reports and Charts, Rows, Columns, Pages
  • Dashboards
  • Embed EazyBI Report or Dashboard in JIRA Dashboard / Confluence Page
  • EazyBI documentation, Community (forum), and support

Data model

  • Dimensions, Members, Measures and Properties
  • Dimension Hierarchies, Hierarchy levels
  • Time Dimension, Issue Dimension
  • User Group Dimensions
  • Measures Dimension: Predefined, Agile, Distinct, Issue Properties, Other Properties, User Defined
  • Drill Through/Into/Across

Designing Reports

  • Reports designer toolbar
  • Bookmarking members
  • Member menu in rows, Member/Measure Menu in Columns
  • Filter rows/members
  • Cell formatting
  • Report types: Table, Bar, Line, Pie, Scatter, Timeline, Gantt, Gauge
  • Range Bar Chart vs. Gantt Chart
  • Analyzing Date custom fields

Designing Dashboards

  • Designing a dashboard
  • Common dashboard filters
  • Subscribe to a dashboard (get it periodically by email as PDF attachment)

Analyzing History

  • Cumulative flow diagram
  • Cycle Time
  • Sprint burndown
  • Version burndown

Introduction to Calculated Members and Measures

  • Calculated members
  • Calculated Measures

Advanced (4 hours)

Calculated Measures

  • Context of a Measure, using Tuples
  • Analyze changes of a custom field
  • Useful functions and keywords when creating calculated measures
  • Using descendants() function for getting correct and fast results in drill down
  • Using the nonempty button

Advanced settings

JavaScript calculated dimensions/measures

Custom Javascript Code in Source Data settings

EazyBI Account Admin

  • Creating new accounts and configuring Source Data
  • Considerations for account cube size
  • Limiting import using JQL
  • User permissions
  • Export/Import reports/dashboards between accounts


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