Confluence Admin Course

The course contains all the main topics that you need to know in order to get started as a Confluence Administrator

The course includes 3 sessions of 4 hours, total of 21 hours.


  • Course Overview and introduction to Confluence Admin
  • Product Architecture Overview (folder structure on the server, DB, JAVA Server)
  • Space Administration vs. Confluence Administration
  • Users & groups administration, using external directory
  • Permissions & Restrictions: Global & Space Permissions, Page restrictions
  • Global Templates & Blueprints, Space Templates & Blueprints
  • Space content tools: reorder pages, orphaned pages, undefined pages, attachments, trash, export space, RSS Feed
  • Manage Add-ons, overview of some popular/useful add-ons: Team Calendars, Zen/Brickit (space theme design), Comala (workflows), Scroll Versions (manage different content per product version), Gliffy (Diagrams)
  • Advanced Usage:
    • JIRA Issue Filter Macro (integration with JIRA)
    • Useful macros
    • Advanced search, CQL (Confluence Query Language)
    • Using attachments: file lists, preview & inline commenting, Versioning of attachments, MS-Office integration
    • Task management
    • Word import and export
    • Labels and label management
    • Search driven content pages and portals
  • Tips for creating new macros if needed (Server only)
  • Go over various server settings: Configuring Recommended Updates, etc.
  • System Backup & restore (cloud & server), Using Webdav client for the Cloud, Import a space
  • Tips for migration from cloud to server
  • Configuring Themes  / Look & feel: at the space level, and at the Confluence Level
  • Viewing audit logs and confluence logs
  • Configuring application links and application Navigation
  • HipChat integration
  • Scripts and development over Confluence (using ScriptRunner for Confluence)
  • Content reuse strategies and techniques

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