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Methoda offers services in the areas of QM, software engineering, project management and accreditation to international quality standards

Methoda offers clients a broad range of tools and services, which integrate technology and methodology.

Software development and IT management stand on two pillars:

  • Technology – using the most advanced software development tools and IT management platforms and applications; technologies that promote team work, task management, requirement tracking, configuration management, automated tests, and more.
  • Methodology – using advanced software development methods: Agile, DevOps, Less for formulate fast high quality lifecycle management (ALM), lean methologies, and more, alongside support for more traditional methods at organizations, which require more structured lifecycles.

Striking the appropriate balance between these two crucial components for each client and his projects is key to achieving the competitive advantage that client is seeking - fast high quality development of IT systems and applications that support his business goals.

Complementing these two key components, Methoda provides (upon request) a “quality suite” that includes all the complementary methods and tools necessary for successful software development, all according to the clients requirements depending on the project at hand: review management, risk management, documentation, quality measures (complexity of the program), knowledge management for the project, team work, on the job training, and more.

Methoda helps its clients realize their vision for agile, high quality, sustainable software development and IT management. All of Methoda’s activities are focused on supporting its clients’ core business proceses to help them become leaders in their respective industries. Methoda invests considerable internal resources to maintain internal knowledge and nurture its experts until they become elite professionals.

Quality Suite

The quality suite supports core software development and includes the following services:

  • Initiation and characterization of the system
  • Evaluation of alternatives
  • Requirement management
  • Cost estimates
  • Requests for proposal (RFP)
  • Information security
  • Test management
  • Configuration management.
  • Selection and implementation of development and maintenance tools (CASE)
  • Investigation and evaluation of the system, and more

At the project level, Methoda’s experts immerse themselves in the key processes of the project and ensure its success. At the organizational level Methoda experts provide support for certification according to international quality standards and regulations (CMMI, ISO9000, IQNet, SOX, FDA), the outsourcing process, tender and contract management, procurement management, creating procedures and guidelines, “smart” management of documents and documentation, content management systems, knowledge management, and more. 

Infrastructure systems

The company has a section dedicated to IT infrastructure. This section handles upgrade projects of the organization’s IT infrastructure:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Emergency procedures – BCP/DRP
  • Command and control systems
  • Infrastructure cost saving
  • Outsourcing initiatives
  • Compliance with industry regulations
  • Tender, supplier, and engagement management
  • User identity and permission management



The principles that accompany every activity and very project in which Methoda employees are involved:

Focus on deliverables and improve continuously

According to the Methoda approach, quality management means focusing on deliverables and the process that create them, throughout the lifecycle of the project through continuous improvementש of the quality of deliverables, meticulous configuration management, shorter development times, and cost savings. In other words, Methoda strives for the improvement of systems’ cost/benefit over time, and does so by focusing on every step, including maintenance, operation, and production. The improvement isn’t limited to the IT system level, the product, or the project level, it “spills out” to the entire organization. With Methoda’s unique approach, the entire organization becomes more efficient, as its knowledge and professionalism, team and personal morale, reputation and “team pride” all improve.

Planning and work plans

At Methoda, we believe in goal-oriented work plans – including project, annual and multi-annual work plans. These work plans, like other interdepartmental activities for quality management, create shared expectations that move the organization in the right direction.

Skilled goal-oriented workforce

Methoda invests considerable resources in recruiting, growing, and training its workforce. Methoda continuously onboards experienced and senior employees, alongside young professionals taking their first steps in the IT world. Methoda’s employees are acutely aware of the level of knowledge and professionalism required of them in order to serve the the client with unparalleled professionalism and business acumen.


Methoda operates according to a consistent and clear methodology – the MethodA methodology, which has been completely upgraded to support agile methodologies. MethodA is the leading methodology for project management, software engineering, systems analysis, supplier engagement management, and software quality management. The methodology ensures both the continuity and traceability of the project as it progress from one phase to the next and makes the project more accessible and easy to implement. MethodA agile methodologies – MethodA incorporates key elements from other leading methodologies, bodies of knowledge, and international software quality standards. The methodology is available on the user’s desktop as a friendly software solution that is easy to learn and operate and is connected to his work environment (the project portfolio).

Methoda works woith each quality according to the methodology that best meets its needs and streamlines its development lifecycle (ALM).

Background and a bit of history

Methoda was founded in 1984 by Asher Yuval, who is the company’s Chairman.  Yaniv Shoshani is the company's CEO. Alongside them, works a select team of senior managers and officers that complement each other’s capabilities. Methoda comprises more than 60 employees: Atlassian architects and integrators, IT experts from all disciplines, industrial engineers, systems analysts and experienced project managers. The company’s professional team provides a broad range of solutions for software development, software quality management, project management, systems analysis, training and certification according to Israeli and international quality standards and regulatory requirements.

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