Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, no longer a buzzword but a reality, is a fast-growing channel for receiving IT services, in which most IT companies are now investing their best resources.

A public cloud is by definition an outsourced service and has its own intricacies.

In moving to the cloud, and using it, there is a mix of risks and opportunities, and therefore the service must be evaluated broadly, taking all of its components into account: functionality, technology, interfaces, migration/transition plan, service level, cost and financial feasibility, ongoing support, business flexibility, information security, regulation, business continuity, separation and more.

Moving to the cloud is a strategic move, and its success is dependent on the right balance of business, organizational, human, and technological considerations.

  • Methoda's services include preparation of a cloud computing policy,
  • providing an opinion regarding a move to the cloud – from functional, technological, economic, and regulatory aspects,
  • management of cloud risks,
  • assistance in locating services/solutions – definition of the scope of service, market research, alternative analysis, and selection of the service,
  • planning and guiding the migration plan to the cloud,
  • ongoing control – SLA, regulatory compliance, scale-up/scale-down, and
  • consulting and assistance on a variety of cloud service solutions on


Why Methoda?

  • Methoda's broad perspective combines service, content, technology, and methodology.
  • Methoda leverages 30 years of knowledge regarding outsourcing on your behalf in moving to the cloud.
  • Methoda's objectivity and professionalism are always on the client's side.
  • Because with Methoda ETiaS – Everything Is a Service.


We will help you to disperse the fog on your road to the cloud.


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